Apple Watch meets IBM Watson

The time has come: cognitive computing IBM Watson meets the smart Apple watch.

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Watson is introduced in Apple watch’s world by the CaféWell Concierg app.
Whats is CafàWell Concierg ? it is an app for iOS powered by IBM Watson, the application guides and inspires you to be healthier. Receive personalized recommendations that will help you achieve optimal health and get the most out of your health plan benefits. As your personal health concierge, the app will learn and listen to you, offering personalized answers to your health-related
It’s your new home giving you the support and guidance you need to take control of your health. Within CaféWell, we get to know who you are, make recommendations based on what you want to accomplish with your health, and help track your progress – all in a private, secure environment.

Imagine, you are travelling but you have health problem, for example you have cholesterol high, and you have not chance to do exercise. What if you received recommendations on healthier restaurants nearby—from your watch? And, what if that watch also encouraged you to take a 30-minute walk? this is what Watson can suggest you by the Apple watch.


iOS app on Apple Store
iOS app on Apple Store

The app to become more personalized over time as the cognitive computer reasons and learns. Users can talk directly to the app to ask questions about health, nutrition, exercise or even IBM’s health benefit details and get quick answers.


iOS App based on IBM Watson
iOS App based on IBM Watson

The CaféWell Concierge will be available on Apple Store as soon as possible.


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