IBM Cognitive Build

IBM Cognitive Build is an internal KickStarter for projects to use Watson in new and different ways. IBMers are given an amount of virtual dollars and are able to use those dollars to vote on projects they want to support.

Projects with the most support get picked up for the next step: a small handful projects that make it through all the phases will get picked up for production.

I and my team have presented a project named: CAFE !

CAFE stands for Cognitive Assistant Family Enjoyed

CAFE is a personal assistant that helps to ensure a safe and healthy life of all the family members. It will use cognitive algorithms to correlate data collected from those sources to alert the family manager(s) of dangerous situations of any member of the family.

If you are an IBMer you can read more details here

Do you have funding dollars remaining? If so, consider investing in this project and help the team move forward onto the Out-think Challenge.

Your support counts! #CognitiveBuild

IBM cognitive build! We need your help pushing our idea to the next level.



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