Virtual DJ

virtual dj set
virtual dj set

I love mixing. I really do. I love to be a virtual DJ.

What I love about mixing is that it is a challenge, it is a sort of a cool puzzle, where your tracks have to fit in the mix. There many tiny decisions to be made, and there are a thousand different ways you could mix a song. I find it all fantastic.

I started deejaying as a hobby while I was studying at university, in the 90s, I started with a Commodore Amiga with Protracker application.

Currently I’m mixing with some DJ software very very interesting. The first one is Virtual DJ.

What is Virtual DJ ?

VirtualDJ is a free tool for mixing and reproducing audio files. Pick your favorite track by making the remix versions to your liking. You can use mixer and turntables, loop or scratch your track, and make use of many more features developed by VirtualDJ team.

VirtualDJ application provides you with lots of useful and easy-to-use features like pitch control, recording to MP3, CD burning, a 3 band equalizer, CD to MP3 encoder, and many many more.

You can read more information here download it here.

Let the party begin !



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