IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank demo

IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank demo
IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank demo

IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank demo

Can IBM’s Watson replace the human operator ? Can IBM’s Watson to resolve a service request  without the human assistance ?

In IBM Control Desk service request scenario the Customer support finds quick answers for customers from your growing set of answer documents asking to Watson. I tested the Retrieve and Rank service to improve information retrieved as compared to standard operator experience or knowledge base. The ranker models take advantage of rich data in your documents to provide more relevant answers to queries. You benefit from new features developed both by the open source community and from advanced information retrieval techniques that are built by the Watson algorithm teams.

IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank service helps users find the most relevant information for their query by using a combination of search and machine learning algorithms to detect “signals” in the data. You can load data into the service, train a machine learning model based on known relevant results, then leverage this model to provide improved results to their end users based on their question or query.

Watch the demo video here:




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