the 7 biggest announcements from the Microsoft Ignite tech conference

Microsoft is announcing a slew of new features and products across a variety of business areas at the Ignite conference for IT pros and developers in Orlando this week:

Azure Digital Twins

Microsoft Azure Digital Twins allows organizations to analyze and make use of their space in a much better way. Build next-generation IoT spatial intelligence solutions using Azure Digital Twins to model the relationships and interactions among people, places, and devices. Use predefined and extensible twin object models to build virtual representations of the physical world and contextually aware solutions specific to your industry”

Microsoft Teams updated

Microsoft Teams has been updated with an amazing video conferencing feature that blurs out the background for an enhanced focus. The new update also takes word-for-word notes of the meeting so that you don’t have to take notes during the meeting.

Microsoft Office updated

Microsoft has finally decided to update Microsoft Office using AI tools. Given how widely the suite is being used, the company is going to make it even better. The improved and updated version will be able to give you suggestions regarding your layouts.

Microsoft, Adobe, SAP : Open Data Initiative

The three big names are coming together to work out a system for customer data. This is called the Open Data Initiative because it allows the data to flow easily in-between different systems. This is not only quite difficult but also very time-consuming. If the venture triumphs (which we are pretty sure it would), it will be a big achievement.

Virtual Windows 10 desktop in cloud

Since many of the firms don’t allow their employees to take their office based laptops outside the workplace, having to complete an office task off working hours can be a huge ordeal (can you relate?). Microsoft is introducing Virtual Windows 10 for the first time that you can use in cloud.  How feasible does that sound!

Microsoft Authenticator app

The company is replacing the Azure Active Directory passwords with its own Authenticator app for iOS as well as Android. Due to a rapid increase in cyber attacks, companies have started using security keys as an added layer of protection. Understanding the vulnerability of passwords, Microsoft has come up with a very secure authentication app that the company will be using from now on.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

The company announced that Surface Hub 2 will launch next year and 2X in 2020. For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft Surface Hub is an interactive whiteboard widely used by businesses for presentations. Surface Hub is equipped with all the basic conferencing apps to facilitate the users as much as possible. We can’t wait to see what the new version has in store for us.


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