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The future of shopping: emotion tracking meets retail

The advancements and speed of technology innovation are catapulting the retail industry forward into an exciting new future. Using the latest innovations as AI technology, machine learning, cognitice services, mixed reality,...

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video breakdown

I’m very passionate about cognitive computing. Whenever technology comes up with something that involve cognitive capabilities I’m interested, and I love to take any opportunity to try out something that...

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An increasing number of refugees and migrants need international protection, fleeing war, violence and persecution, and this is echoed in the numbers recorded in Italy. Last year, more than 180,000...

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Computer Vision API

At the end of 2016 year Microsoft announced the availability of a set of 21 new APIs called Microsoft Cognitive Services. Cognitive Services provides simple APIs that handle common use cases,...

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Mood Music Station

Music can have a profound effect on the human psyche. Music is undeniably important in shaping moods, and, likewise, certain frames of mind require certain kinds of songs.  There are...

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van inspection by Watson visual recognition

In the last months there has been a big excitement about Watson visual recognition. I visited many customer site to explain and to create few proof of concept to address many...

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