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IBM Acquires Ustream
01/29/2016 | Entertainment

IBM Acquires Ustream today, a video streaming service, to bolster its existing portfolio of video services. With this deal, IBM is creating a new business unit called Cloud Video Services. I used Ustream service since few months as Bluemix service: Ustream's powerful API lets you host, embed, upload and manage videos right from your Bluemix app. Let Ustream's robust platform...

IBM Control Desk UI Next-Gen with custom theme
01/26/2016 | Developer

In this article I'm showing you a brief preview of IBM Control Desk UI Next-Gen. As IBM-er I was fortunate enough to play with the new Control Desk before the go-live. I have been authorized by developer manager for this preview without showing details of next release. As you known the internet has become an integrated, seamless, and often invisible...

Microservices next-generation cloud applications
01/21/2016 | Developer

Microservices next-generation cloud applications promotes developing and deploying applications composed of autonomous, self-contained units. What are microservices ? Microservices is an architecture style which prescribes building large complex software applications using many small microservices. These microservices are narrowly focused, independently deployable, loosely coupled, language agnostic services fulfilling a business capability. These multiple microservices communicate with each other using language-agnostic APIs...

IBM Bluemix DevOps
01/18/2016 | Developer

In this article I’m presenting an IBM Bluemix DevOps Services overview. After some experiments on the Commodore computers I began seriously to develop code on 1987, I developed my first programs in Pascal and Fortran on VAX-11/780. Afterwards I switched to Borland C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and after few years the game changed with Java. Here an infographic about...

Control Desk - Service Management
01/15/2016 | Developer

IBM Maximo is now integrated with Google Hangouts: In this article I’m showing you how to embed Google Hangsout into a IBM Maximo application, for example in the Service Request Self Service application. Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. The most successful businesses in the world include...

Mario Noioso: My first Internet experience
01/13/2016 | Entertainment

Mario Noioso: My first Internet experience My first internet experience was back in 1996, a few years after the internet was made accessible to the public. I had always been fascinated with computers. I took my first computer on 1982, it was a Commodore VIC 20. I had fun with the entire Commodore family, I played with the Commodore 16,...

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