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Messaging for the Internet of Things

During my Proof Of Concept development one of the most important aspect is how to display the IoT device data. It's very fun and useful to show sensor data from...

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IBM Weather Company

I bet you're wondering: Why would IBM, supplier of mainframe computers and software, acquire The Weather Company ? data !The Weather Company already moved its weather data to IBM’s cloud...

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Node Red

Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. Node-RED is based on Node.js, the applications run as a web server,...

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Microservices next-generation cloud applications

Microservices next-generation cloud applications promotes developing and deploying applications composed of autonomous, self-contained units. What are microservices ? Microservices is an architecture style which prescribes building large complex software applications...

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Control Desk - Service Management

IBM Maximo is now integrated with Google Hangouts: In this article I’m showing you how to embed Google Hangsout into a IBM Maximo application, for example in the Service Request...

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IBM Watson Alchemy API

In this article I’m presenting a new member of IBM Watson family: Alchemy API platform. IBM Alchemy API cloud platform makes it easy to create application that deeply understand the...

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