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Watson IoT Receptionist BOT

In this article I’m presenting the Watson IoT Receptionist BOT, It has been developed within the Watson IoT IBM Rome-Lab initiatives. Watson IoT reception scenario Alessandro Imparato (in the picture)...

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Watson IoT Receptionist BOT teaser trailer

The Watson IoT Receptionist BOT is almost here! The first Watson IoT project for IBM Rome Lab is almost ready: Alessandro Imparato, Watson, Watson IoT, Raspberry PI, Visual Recognition and many...

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Glass type detection using Watson visual recognition

In my previous article I designed and implemented a simple Proof of Concept to offers a pattern recognition solutions for automatic quality control in production processes. The IBM Watson feature...

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Watson visual recognition for quality control in production lines

Globalization and worldwide competition impose new challenges on the quality and cost of production lines. Based on IBM Watson Visual Recognition service I designed and implemented a simple Proof of...

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Automatically classifies tickets based on Tone Analyzer Service

In this article I’m presenting a Proof Of Concept (POC) to use IBM Watson as support to IBM Control Desk. My idea is to use IBM Watson to classify a...

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