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On my previous post on the Hyper-relevant data topic I've used the AlchemyData News services to update my telegram channel The AlchemyData News indexes near 300k English language news and...

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Introducing the AlchemyData newsbot on Telegram

"Time spent messaging has surpassed time spent on social networks." Chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WeChat already reach billions people worldwide, the current big idea is...

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IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank demo

IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank demo IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank demo Can IBM’s Watson replace the human operator ? Can IBM's Watson to resolve a service request  without the...

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An introduction to IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank service

Staged annually at IBM Client Center in Rome-Italy, LabArt is the leading event for the cloud and cognitive solutions, presenting a diverse range of IBM cloud services for IoT, Bluemix...

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CAFE - Cognitive Assistant Family Enjoyed

IBM Cognitive Build is an internal KickStarter for projects to use Watson in new and different ways. IBMers are given an amount of virtual dollars and are able to use...

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IBM Watson Alchemy API

In this article I’m presenting a new member of IBM Watson family: Alchemy API platform. IBM Alchemy API cloud platform makes it easy to create application that deeply understand the...

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