Microservices next-generation cloud applications

Microservices next-generation cloud applications promotes developing and deploying applications composed of autonomous, self-contained units.

What are microservices ?

Microservices is an architecture style which prescribes building large complex software applications using many small microservices. These microservices are narrowly focused, independently deployable, loosely coupled, language agnostic services fulfilling a business capability. These multiple microservices communicate with each other using language-agnostic APIs such as REST.

Why microservices ?

Business drivers like agility, better reliability, improved scalability, security has forced architects to consider new paradigms like cloud computing and microservices. The traditional monolithic applications suffer from challenges like slower to adapt to changing, difficult to develop, difficult to test.

Why in Bluemix ?

IBM Bluemix leverages the Cloud Foundry open source technology to accelerate new application development and DevOps methodologies. Additionally, Bluemix provides optimized and elastic workloads, enables continuous availability, and simplifies delivery and manageability of an application by providing pre-built services and hosting capabilities. Microservices are created as individual applications on Bluemix. These multiple microservices talk using REST or messaging services.. IBM Bluemix also provides rich DevOps capabilities which allows developers to rapidly create microservices. IBM Bluemix DevOps Services provides capabilities like Agile planning, through the Track & Plan serviceĀ  A Web IDE for editing and managing source through GitHub.

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