I am passionate about new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking. I acted as pioneer in the cognitive computing area using IBM Watson first and Microsoft platform now to help customers tailor services to their businesses, integrate into their core systems, and jump-start efforts to develop new solutions and offerings.

When the technologies enabled new business models I switched my consultancy approach from a technology-first approach to a business driven approach, where customer experience and data culture are the first aspects to manage and deal with.

Mario Noioso

Today my job consists in supporting organization to create a full program of change, design the activities, identify the best business models, optimize operations and think jointly on how technology can transform their products and services. I leading our customers on their digital transformation journey is at the heart of the Digital Advisor role in Microsoft.Re-imagining and bringing to life ways in which our technology can open new and innovative ways for our customers by increasing their employees’ engagement and productivity or creating new business opportunities.
I have the responsibility to oversee the enterprise strategy program of the largest, most complex, and most strategic Italian customers as Eni, Italgas, Snam and Saipem. In the previous fiscal year I worked for Gruppo Ferrovie Italiane and Telecom Italia.

My main activities:

  • Building relationships with Client IT departments C-suite to discuss and advise on Technology topics and trends
  • Planning and defining a roadmap for IT and Digital transformation (cloud journey, architecture, …)
  • Driving the definition of new complex applications and data architectures
  • Developing technology landscape of new Data and API driven
  • Shaping offerings and solutions
  • Analyzing market and design a solutions based on client ecosystem
  • Defining business cases

I had filed for patents to protect the following inventions, this listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

mario noioso
there are some moments in life you know you’ll never forget.

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