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    ServiceNow: Machine Learning

    ServiceNow Machine Learning (ML) video: overview + hands-on (ITA)ML technologies offers a host of benefits: higher productivity, lower customer churn, actionable data, and more. Here are some stages where the machine learning can be applied in ServiceNow platform.

  • Digital TransformationCovid-19 back to work

    Covid-19 back to work

    With the rapid global spread of Covid-19 virus, government and Companies must focus first and foremost on citizens safety and as they’re reviewing their strategies, policies and proceduresDuring the video I’m showing how ServiceNow can helps organizations identify employees who…

  • Data & AIvirtual agent

    Virtual Agent

    ServiceNow Virtual Agent is a platform for providing user assistance through conversations within a messaging interface. Use Virtual Agent to design and build automated conversations that help your users quickly obtain information, make decisions, and perform common work tasks.  

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