Video real-time insights

Video real-time insights

06/30/2017 | Data & AI

Video has become ubiquitous on the Internet, broadcasting channels, as well as that captured by personal devices.


This has encouraged the development of advanced techniques to analyze the semantic video content for a wide variety of applications, such as video representation learning. video highlight detection, video summarization, object detection, visual recognition, sentiment analysis, semantic segmentation, situational awareness and so on.


Microsoft is developing different solution to analyze the video in real-time.


In this demo a realtime workflow for processing frames from a video file to derive realtime insights such as objects, faces, demographics, emotion, unique face counting and face identification, celebrity detection.



The business scenarios where you can apply a real-time video insights could be:

  • Public transit (train stations, airports, etc…)
  • Retail store experiences
  • Hotel, resort, and casino environments
  • Waiting rooms
  • Gas pumps
  • Digital ads and directories in public spaces like shopping malls
  • ATMs

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