ai & cognitive computing


Artificial Intelligence is often referred to as "Al". What is the best way to explain a complex concept as the Arificial Intelligence ? to use the words of Douglas Hofstadter:...

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IBM Watson ecosystem vs Microsoft Cortana Intelligence ecosystem

The IBM Watson ecosystem empowers you to develop powered by IBM Watson cognitive capabilities in your applications. The IBM Watson ecosystem will help drive innovation and build creative cognitive solutions....

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April Fools’ Day (April 1st) suggested to me a lot of prank ideas for the more funny among you. So for the April Fools’ Day I mixed the cognitive computing for a...

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Cognitive computing

Every day an infinite amount of unstructured data is being generated and stored by organizations across industries. To make sense of that data and apply it into effective decision making,...

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HoloLens: transform your business

Microsoft's HoloLens is one of the most magical pieces of technology and it could change the world. The device, announced on January 21 2015, has immediately attracted a lot of...

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  During last years I had the opportunity to work with IBM Watson Services, I had great time with the Visual Recognition service and Retrieve and Rank service, you can...

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