AI IoT Blockchain

By paraphrasing the title of the famous Douglas Hofstadter masterpiece with AI-IoT-Blockchain we are faced with a new Eternal Golden Braid ! The Artificial Intelligence applied to the Internet of...

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Microsoft Forum 2017

Microsoft Italy´s leading partner and customer conference, the Microsoft Forum will be arriving at Milan on the 8th of March for its second edition. The event, focused on Industry 4.0 and...

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Virtual IoT device

After one month of intense activities on Customer site and Conferences in which I talked about Watson and Watson IoT, I come back on my blog 🙂 For now I...

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Internet of Things Summit 2016

I am happy to have been given the opportunity to speak to the Continuations Engineering for the Internet of Things Summit 2016, excellent from both a personal and professional point...

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Webcast: IoT use-cases with IBM Watson IoT Platform

  As a Watson IoT architect at IBM I focus on the Watson Internet of Things Platform and I spend many time to address Customer's use-cases using the Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover...

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ibm businessconnect 2016

In a world of data, where everyone and everything is connected to the Internet of Things, cognitive computing makes the difference. Only cognitive systems can analyze gigantic streams of data...

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