Virtual IoT device

After one month of intense activities on Customer site and Conferences in which I talked about Watson and Watson IoT, I come back on my blog 🙂

For now I am having so much fun with Node-Red and I would like to share with you the Virtual IoT device nodes. It’s a very useful and funny package:

Virtual IoT device

Virtual IoT device

The Virtual IoT device can used by a set of nodes to help you create simulated devices connected to IBM Watson IoT Platform. This module provides a set of nodes in Node-RED to rapidly implement simulated IoT device behavior and use it to run many device instances. You can install it on you Node-RED from here

You can read my old post about how to install a new node in Node-RED.

It’s very funny to create device schema by virtual device node:

Virtual IoT device
Virtual IoT device schema

The device simulator has been designed to solve the test problems by injecting test data into the system, of course the pros are:

  • Provides test data including complex json structure with configurable patterns.
  • Implements operations for processing any test data coming from the system
  • Generates test events
  • Simulates device communication problems and internal errors
  • Provides simulated real-time geographical location data

I created a very cool virtual IoT device to monitor my Hi-Fi equipment, for example I simulated to catch the track played, the valve temperature and so on.

Here is demo from my Bluemix environment:

enjoy !


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