IBM Watson vs Microsoft Cortana Intelligence suite

IBM Watson vs Microsoft Cortana Intelligence suite Most people know Watson as IBM's answer to Jeopardy star Ken Jennings. But IBM's aspirations for its artificially intelligent supercomputer are now less...

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IBM Watson Services vs Microsoft Cognitive Services

  I've changed many jobs over the years, but by far the hardest and most important transition I ever made was the year I left IBM. I started my career...

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van inspection by Watson visual recognition

In the last months there has been a big excitement about Watson visual recognition. I visited many customer site to explain and to create few proof of concept to address many...

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Internet of Things Summit 2016

I am happy to have been given the opportunity to speak to the Continuations Engineering for the Internet of Things Summit 2016, excellent from both a personal and professional point...

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ibm businessconnect 2016

In a world of data, where everyone and everything is connected to the Internet of Things, cognitive computing makes the difference. Only cognitive systems can analyze gigantic streams of data...

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Watson IoT Receptionist BOT in action

Watson IoT Receptionist BOT in action The video has been developed within the Watson IoT IBM Rome-Lab initiatives and it is in Italian language, I'm talking about Watson IoT Receptinist...

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