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Watson visual recognition for van exterior damage inspection

In the last months there has been a big excitement about Watson visual recognition.

I visited many customer site to explain and to create few proof of concept to address many traditional scenario in a very innovative way. I’m applying the Watson visual recognition to:

I am currently exploring how to check the external condition of a van/truck by visual recognition. For example when a fleet vehicle comes back into company’s hub, by a camera system automatically it is possible check if the van has a damage to the bodywork such as scratches, dents, or other things of this kind.

Of course in this simple proof of concept I used only two classes, that of the damaged vehicle and that of the perfect vehicle. In the samples of the “damage class” I used only dents and scratches.

I built the PoC by simple nodered flow, a dashboard based on freeboard and naturally by Watson visual recognition api.

Here is a demo from my Bluemix environment:


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