Digital Transformation

Digital Advisory Services

Digital Advisory Services

During last days I have worked in the Digital Advisory Services. In this post I am going to explain our digital transformation approach.

Microsoft mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more by bringing their expertise, as well as Microsoft’s resources, experience and innovation, my team can help you reach your aspirations and get started on your digital journey.

We are using the four strategic pillars:

Digital transformation 4 pillar Digital Advisory ServicesEngage your customer: building better, stronger engagements by harnessing data representing a complete view of your customer, then drawing actionable intelligence, predictive insights than can deliver personalization at scale.


Digital Advisory ServicesEmpower your employees: empowering employees with tools that fuel collaboration and productivity, while mitigating the risks that come with providing freedom and space employees.


Digital Advisory ServicesOptimize your operations: optimizing operations to reshape customer relationships and service models by gathering data across a wide, dispersed set of endpoints, and drawing insights through advanced analytic that can be used to introduce an continuous, real time basis.


Digital Advisory Services

Transform your products: reinventing products, services and business model using digital content to capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities.


Together with our Customers we are starting a digital transformation journey using three dimensions:

Digital Advisory Services

1- Create the digital book of dreams

Digital Advisory Services

  • Dream: ideate and document the digital transformation journey.
  • key factors: trends and insights, scenario narrative, digital vision, solution storyboard, digital journey map, value. .scorecard, scenario planning, roadmap.


2- Recruit and form your digital dream team

Digital Advisory Services

  • Design: build your desired state and roadmap.
  • key factors: team, digital transformation unit, change management plan, roadmap, prototype


3- Build a digital dream lab

Digital Advisory Services

  • Deliver: bring the book of dreams to life.
  • key factors: agile storyboard, value engineering, deliver, value delivery and management, transformation roadmap.


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