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Rocksmith @ home
02/19/2016 | Entertainment

Rocksmith @ home Rocksmith Sometimes we just need to kick back and enjoy ourselves. there is a wide variety of activities to choose from to enjoy. I play the electric bass. Of course I like video-games, I'm a gamer since 80s. bass + video-games = Rocksmith Rocksmith is the fastest way to learn guitar and bass. Plug in any real...

Maximo Work-Order from an IoT device
02/14/2016 | IoT

Open a Work-Order by sensorTag if the room's temperature is too high Maximo Work-Order from an IoT device In my previous article I shown how to connect my Texas Instrument SensorTag to the cloud. I was able to catch the environment temperature, the environment light and the air pressure and I displayed the real-time data on a web dashboard. In...

Internet of Things on Bluemix
02/08/2016 | IoT

IoT SensorTag @ home Internet of Things on Bluemix By 2020 there will be 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it's a very huge number and I'm very happy to belong to the IBM's Internet of Things division. In this article I'm showing you how to manage an IoT device on IBM Bluemix cloud platform. In details I'm showing...

Node Red
02/03/2016 | Developer

Node-RED is a tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. Node-RED is based on Node.js, the applications run as a web server, and you customize and manipulate functional “flows” from any computer’s browser, local or remote. Every Node-RED application consists of nodes which are linked together to form the logical flow of...

IBM Acquires Ustream
01/29/2016 | Entertainment

IBM Acquires Ustream today, a video streaming service, to bolster its existing portfolio of video services. With this deal, IBM is creating a new business unit called Cloud Video Services. I used Ustream service since few months as Bluemix service: Ustream's powerful API lets you host, embed, upload and manage videos right from your Bluemix app. Let Ustream's robust platform...

IBM Control Desk UI Next-Gen with custom theme
01/26/2016 | Developer

In this article I'm showing you a brief preview of IBM Control Desk UI Next-Gen. As IBM-er I was fortunate enough to play with the new Control Desk before the go-live. I have been authorized by developer manager for this preview without showing details of next release. As you known the internet has become an integrated, seamless, and often invisible...