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Happy 2016 Using Watson Analytics and Twitter data
01/03/2016 | Developer, Entertainment

Happy New Year everyone ! I just want to thank you all for your support in 2015. Starting up my new website was a big step for me to take, so thanks to all who have supported me ! Seriously excited about creating and sharing future content with you. In this article I'm presenting a simple application to use IBM...

IBM Control Desk translates with IBM Watson
12/28/2015 | Data & AI, Developer

Can IBM’s Watson replace the human translator ? I realized a Proof Of Concept (POC) how to translate an IBM Control Desk service request by IBM Watson language translate service. I addressed a real Customer scenario where the service requests are opened by self-service application from UK users and the service requests are handled by Latin American call and contact...

Simple REST client in Java for IBM Watson
12/23/2015 | Developer

As you know Maximo is currently based on a Java legacy infrastructure as long as IBM Watson is based on a cloud infrastructure with REST APIs. Here my proof of concept to invoke Watson by Control Desk. To address my requirement without use the current and cool JavaScript frameworks I developed a simple REST client in Java plus a bunch...

How to embed Google Drive into IBM Maximo
12/21/2015 | Developer

By Google Drive the attachments are saved on cloud storage, so you can access everything from any computer, so long as you have an Internet connection. When you share documents, you can share them with anyone who has the link, or you can only allow access to specific people. Of course only Maximo knows the link where the documents are...

IBM Maximo: Service Desk management using IBM Watson
12/16/2015 | Developer

In this article I'm presenting a Proof Of Concept (POC) to use IBM Watson as support to IBM Control Desk. My idea is to use IBM Watson to find relevant results quickly from large numbers of documents to address the Service Request. My solution is able to leverage the power of IBM Bluemix during the IBM Control Desk service request...

NAD 306 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
12/13/2015 | Entertainment

NAD 306 Stereo Integrated Amplifier NAD 306 Stereo Integrated Amplifier NAD Electronics is a brand name of an electronics firm whose products include home audiophile amplifiers and related components. NAD was an abbreviation for New Acoustic Dimension. The company was founded in London, England in 1972, its most famous product is the late-1970s NAD 3020 (must read), an integrated amplifier...