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  • BusinessBenefits of Low-Code Platforms

    Benefits of Low-Code Platforms

    Low code is a visual development approach to application development that enables professional and nonprofessional developers to collaborate and rapidly build and deploy applications. Forrester Research defines this technology as a product or cloud-based service for application development that employs…

  • Digital Transformationcloud digital tranformation

    How cloud enables digital transformation

    cloud digital tranformation With the mobile explosion, the big data revolution, cognitive computing and AI, the companies must dedicate more IT resources and staff to the creation and continual development of systems of engagement, insight, action to improve the user…

  • Business

    Low-code application platforms

    What is low-code? Low-code is a way to design and develop software applications fast and with minimal hand-coding. It enables people to deliver value more quickly and more reliably. Using visual modeling in a graphical interface to assemble and configure…

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