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Internet of Ideas

Great Mix of Technology, Culture and Fun. Shaken, not Stirred
10/07/2017 | Entertainment

We love stories ! Games like Space Invaders were all about fun and challenges, the technology level was basic so it was exhausting to get the game to play without worrying about story. That videogames was focused at first on sports-themed games because games worked well in arcades and bars alongside pinball machines and pool tables. So we played to...

AI is the new black
09/04/2017 | Data & AI

Do you remember when Orange was the New Black? Now AI is everywhere. Every article has AI in the title, every product is powered by AI, every solution is based on an artificial intelligence capability, every friend, collegue, partner, customer talk about AI. AI is not new, I had the pleasure of studying Artificial Intelligence and Expert System at the...

Microsoft Brainwave hardware platform for real-time AI
08/23/2017 | Data & AI

Today, internet giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon are exploring a wide range of chip technologies that can drive AI forward based on chip produced by Intel and nVidia. Microsoft announced Brainwave, Brainwave consists of a high-performance distristributed system architecture; a hardware deep-neural network engine running on customizable chips known as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs); and a compiler and runtime...

the state of ai
07/24/2017 | Data & AI

What is the best way to explain a complex concept as the Arificial Intelligence ? to use the words of Douglas Hofstadter: “The best way often, when I try to explain what is meant by the term, I say that the letters “AI” could just as well stand for “Artificial Intuition”, or even “Artificial Imagery”. The aim of Al is...

digital transformation

A digital transformation is remaking companies and their factories, bringing the intersection of manufacturing and technology even closer, enabling that transformation are systems of intelligence that help companies gain insight and take action from big data, optimize their operations and change the very nature of the business models around their industrial products. The examples of the power of digital transformation...

Video real-time insights
06/30/2017 | Data & AI

Video has become ubiquitous on the Internet, broadcasting channels, as well as that captured by personal devices.   This has encouraged the development of advanced techniques to analyze the semantic video content for a wide variety of applications, such as video representation learning. video highlight detection, video summarization, object detection, visual recognition, sentiment analysis, semantic segmentation, situational awareness and so...

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