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  • Data & AINOW Intelligence

    NOW Intelligence

    Now Intelligence enables Customers to quickly and easily make decisions, solve problems, find answers and automate tasks, making their lives at work simple, easy and convenient. In this video (in Italian) I’m talking about the value of NOW Intelligence for…

  • Digital TransformationDigital Transformation ServiceNow

    Driving Digital Transformation with ServiceNow

    The digital economy is integrating itself into every aspect of today’s business environment. ServiceNow is rapidly accelerating digital transformation within the enterprises. Digital technologies are changing the world, how organisations interact, how people work within them, how consumers buy products…

  • Businessif not NOW, when?

    if not NOW, when?

    In our lives, the pride from closing one stimulating career chapter is matched only by the excitement to open the next great one. I couldn’t be more excited to join ServiceNow as Senior Solution Consultant. After IBM and Microsoft experiences…

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